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THE TREE OF LIFE (immortal, perfect and as old as time, itself) is a symbol in the cosmologies of all of Earth’s religions. In all myths and religious teachings, it represents inexhaustible life force untouched by circumstances and the awakening to Divine Truth. The Tree of Life is therefore equivalent to the concept of immortality; it represents Life without Death. So important is the archetype of the Tree of Life that it is represented in Western, Eastern, and New World religions in various forms. For example, in Mayan cosmology, the Tree of Life, known as the World Tree, is the most holy of all symbols.

The archetype of the Tree of Life is so spiritually pervasive in all cultures that the ancients looked to the heavens in search of the Tree of Life. They observed its immortal form in the “High and Beautiful River” that spanned the night sky. That River of Stars is today called “The Milky Way.” Studying this River of Stars, the ancients observed the Soul’s journey. The passage from the River of Stars in Heavens to the Earth represented the incarnation of the Soul into physical existence. The passage from Earth to the River of Stars in the Heavens represented the Soul’s journey back to the spiritual realms. The Dark Rift, the empty space in the River of Stars, became the Portal, the Hidden Road, or the Dark River that enabled the Soul to journey back to the Source. Today we know that the Dark Rift is the location of the Black Hole at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy.

As Human history dawned, the ancients searched for representations on the Earth of the Tree of Life that they had observed in the Heavens. Rivers, which flow south to north, were always considered to be very sacred because they represent the Soul’s journey back to the spiritual realms. Underground and hidden rivers were considered even more sacred and mysterious because they provided access to the “Other World” that leads to the Source of all Creation.

The spiritual journey of two ordinary human beings revealed in the book ANCIENT LANDSCAPES/ DISTANT MUSIC is ultimately the story of the Evolution of Consciousness during this important Time of our Times. It is the microcosm of the macrocosm of the completion of the human journey on Earth. While the people in the story are ultimately unimportant, the geo-spiritual place in which the journey takes place is. The physical setting of ANCIENT LANDSCAPES/ DISTANT MUSIC occurs in the only place on Earth where the Tree of Life in its entirety is represented as a river system.

This unique river system that represents The Tree of Life is located in one of the most unlikely places on Earth. It is located within the ancient landscape of what is today Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. There the Monongahela River, which flows south to north, converges with the Allegheny River, which flows north to south. The convergence of these two rivers forms a perfect triangle from which flows the Ohio River. “Ohio,” by no coincidence, is the Native American word meaning “High and Beautiful.” From the convergent point of these three rivers flows a fourth underground river.

Early Native Americans recognized the significance of the convergence of the four rivers and considered the Ancient Landscape as holy. The site was reserved exclusively for the most sacred rituals of all of the various local Native American tribes. In 1763 this same area became the most distant frontier of the original thirteen colonies of what was soon to become the United States of American. In 1776, the Golden Triangle, located at the convergence of the four rivers, became a part of the State of Pennsylvania, known then as it is now as the “Keystone State.” The river convergence became eventually the largest inland port in the United States of America.

The authors’ journey of pure experience ultimately revealed to them eleven other places hidden within the Ancient Landscape of Earth that physically represent the Tree of Life in something other than a river system. The energetic convergence of those twelve sacred sites fulfills the PROPHECIES OF THE CREATION PATH.

Regardless of where you live on Earth, ANCIENT LANDSCAPES/DISTANT MUSIC provides an energetic map of the journey of the Human Soul to the end of this Cycle of Creation and to the destination that lies beyond that Transit Point. Ultimately ANCIENT LANDSCAPES/DISTANT MUSIC reveals the essence of what lies hidden in the Universal Archetype of the Tree of Life.



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