Performing Something Like The Miracle of Fire and Water
Portal Meditation 2

Greeting the Dawn of the New Light

This meditation is being presented to use during the first months of the Fourth Mayan Day of the Galactic Creation Path (December 4, 2005-November 28-2005). During the Fourth Mayan Day a Pulse of New Light begins to be distributed from the Planetary Core to all of Earth’s Life forms. This Creation Path Pulse of Light enables consciousness to continue to expand according to the Divine and Universal Plan for the Evolution of Consciousness during this Time of Our Times. This particular meditation enables one to continue to balance dualities in all forms. This intricate balance enables one to remain grounded as well as elevated. It also enables the feminine and masculine energies within self to be expressed in a more balanced and higher frequency.


1. Sit comfortably in front of computer.
2. Concentrate on your breathing slowly, inhaling and exhaling until you reach a state of relaxation.
3. When you are ready for the meditation to begin, click on the appropriate link below.
4. During the actual meditation, concentrate and focus on the Crystal Illumination for 5 or 10 seconds without blinking.
5. Close your eyes for a few seconds.
6. Repeat the alternation of focusing on the Crystal Illumination and closing your eyes throughout the meditation.
7. When the meditation is completed, take a few moments to stretch and reorient yourself before resuming your normal activities. This meditation will last approximately three minutes.

Please note that for ten seconds at the beginning and at the end, the screen will be blank and there will be silence.
Also, please note that slower connections will see the pre-loader accompanied by a mantra.

Click here to begin if you have the flash plugin and a Broadband Connection.

Click here if you DO NOT have the flash plugin or Broadband Connection.

To discontinue the Meditation at any time click anywhere on the Crystal Illumination.

Music for this meditation has been provided by Steve Karl and is © 2005 Steve Karl.

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