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The Golden Pyramid Exercise

Note from Nance, one of the authors of

Those who have read Volume 1: Collective Initiation of our book ANCIENT LANDSCAPES/DISTANT MUSIC are already acquainted with this powerful energy exercise. For those who have not read the book, Maia developed this exercise. I suggested that Frank do this exercise in the autumn of 1999 to release the lifetimes of karma that seemed to be blocking him in almost every way. Frank did the following exercise faithfully each day for two months. Almost magically at the end of those two months, the path opened for him and he was able to more forward toward his life’s work with a sense of fullness and empowerment that he had never felt before. Many of our clients have used this exercise as well to successfully eradicate past karma. One such story, Little Mary Healed at Last, can be read in Tales from the Creation Path on this Website.

Since the Power Center is traditionally seen as the seat of karma, this exercise can be a powerful tool if used with correct intention to release the bonds from the past that often prevent one from moving forward.

We suggest that the Core Grounding Exercise be done both before and after doing The Golden Pyramid Exercise. Also meditation on one of the Power Chakra Crystals in the Crystal Illuminations should be added to your daily spiritual practice to fortify the clearing of karma that results from doing The Golden Pyramid Exercise.

The Golden Pyramid Exercise

1. Visualize a golden pyramid at your solar plexus.

2. Visualize an illuminating fire in the center of the pyramid.

3. Visualize karma being burned in the fire until it becomes just ash.

4. As it is burning, go into Stillness because the Stillness contains the memory of your completeness and also has the ability to absorb all dissonant energy.

5. When you feel that you are finished, visualize yourself rising out of the pyramid free, fresh, new and healed.


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