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Crystal River Tree of Life Exercise 2


Please refer to:
Grounding to the Tree of Life Exercise
to read more about the Tree of Life.


Crystal River Tree of Life Exercise 2

1. Stand up and make sure your spine is as straight as possible.

2. Stretch your arms out perpendicular to your sides.

3. Balance yourself in your stance.

4. Visualize yourself as the Tree of Life.

5. Feel the crown of your head, the upper branches of the Tree, touching the Divine.

6. Imagine your outstretched arms are the branches of the Tree that reach into all points in space and time.

7. Visualize your feet are rooted through the EARTH STAR CHAKRA to the Planetary Core.

8. Image the roots of the Tree of Life.

9. See the taproots touching the very core of the planet.

10. Image millions of the other roots from the Tree of Life drinking from the water of iridescent Crystal Blue River that is hidden deep beneath the ground.

11. Feel the healing qualities of this, the most pure of waters, rising up the roots and into the Tree, itself.

12. Imagine the pure water rising up into your own body. You are the Tree of Life.

13. You are balanced in all directions and are being fed by the pure water that has enabled the Tree of Life to be immortal and perpetually healed.

If you have mastered the previous Core Grounding Exercise , we suggest you do this exercise at least twice a day instead. We remind you that it is best to make a recording in your own voice guiding you through the exercise. Once mastered, change the exercise in any way that seems important to you.

We also remind you that you can consult the Crystal Illuminations on this Website. The Tree of Life is present in all of the Illuminations. During meditation on any crystal, the Tree of Life might just arise from the empty spaces to greet you!

The “Crystal Illumination” on this page is an example of the Crystal River aspect of the Tree of Life and can be found in CRYSTAL ILLUMINATIONS in the New Physics of Light Gallery.

Returning to the Main Menu and clicking on Messages from the Authors will also provide tips for meditation on the Crystal Illuminations that we have received from visitors to this website.

With Love and Light,

Nance and Frank


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