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Core Grounding Exercise


Early in our journey together we received Sacred Geometric Transmissions, described in our book, advising that we include Core Grounding Exercises in our spiritual practices. Early in 1999 those transmissions became more numerous. We eventually became disciplined in doing the exercise included below at least three times a day. We understand now the reason and the importance of such a spiritual practice.

All life on planet Earth is already connected to the Planetary Core that produces our planet’s electromagnetic field. Our precise connection to the Planetary Core is through the Earth Star Chakra, which transmits the time frequency and light resonance of physical existence on this planet. In other words, the Planetary Core transmits through the Earth Star Chakra the Time and Space coordinates of existence on this planet. Since those Time and Space coordinates are shifting, focusing on this important connection to the Planetary Core will increase and fortify the connection. (For those of you unfamiliar with the Earth Star Chakra, please return to the Main Menu and click on “Read Section Introductions.” The Earth Star Chakra is “Section Zero”).

Edgar Cayce predicted that a polar shift would occur in 1999. The electromagnetic poles of our planet did shift on January 4 of that year. The shift was not a polar reversal or a slip in the Earth’s axis. These events are perhaps in our collective future. What did occur was that the electromagnetic poles shifted in frequency resulting in a slight lowering of the EM field of the planet. The North electro-magnetic pole also physically moved about five hundred miles south of its earlier position. It is currently positioned in Canada! The slightly lower EM field and the resulting shift in physical position of the North EM pole are currently facilitating the transmission from the Planetary Core of an entirely New Earth Path. The New Earth Path exists simultaneously with the previous Earth Path, the one defined by suffering. Feel sometimes like you are walking between two worlds? Well, sometimes you are. The New Path, called by us the Galactic Creation Path, is anchoring on planet Earth currently. It will be completely anchored by 2012. The time frequency and space vibration of the Galactic Creation Path is providing for all of us the space and time coordinates of the place where our healing already exists.

Since January 4, 1999 The Planetary Core has been transmitting the new space and time coordinates of the Galactic Creation Path at what seems like warp speed through the Earth Star Chakras of Earth and Her Life forms. Also the EM field of the planet is continuing to shift into lower frequencies. The North electromagnetic pole is continuing to physically move its position, as well. For these reasons and others, most of you feel that time is speeding up. For these reasons, most of you also feel incredible periods of Stillness when time seems to slow down. Time is speeding up and is also slowing down. To speed up and slow down at the same time, no pun intended, results in feelings of being ungrounded. Those who don’t get grounded will be left behind, perhaps literally, because in the early part of the second decade of this century the speeding up and slowing down will occur a warp speed literally when the Space and Time frequencies of yet another Earth Path will begin to anchor.

The shifting in the EM poles of the planet is chronicled in many scientific journals and is not the stuff any longer of New Age predictions. The electromagnetic poles are shifting, the planet is slowing in spin, time is speeding up, and something else every more mysterious and dramatic is occurring. Are you feeling a little out of phase? Well, perhaps you are out of phase. Lagging behind the rapid shifting of energies (the increase in Time frequency and Light resonance and the lowering of the EM fields) will result in feelings of fatigue, irritability, depression, loss of memory, sleeplessness, an increase in personal experiences in the Purification Process, illness and, in the worst-case scenarios, suicidal or homicidal feelings or actions. Remaining in coincidence with the shifting energies results in feelings of calmness, focus, and provides clarity. Also the Core Grounding Exercise will result in daily detoxification of the physical and spiritual body, rejuvenation of vital life force energy, and the ability to flow through the Purification Process more easily. Eventually Core Grounding will allow you to remain in the Moment and flow with a more Universal aspect of Time. This is a very important skill to master before the time and space coordinates of the Universal Path begin to anchor in 2012.

We are not in the business of making predictions except to reinforce the obvious. The time has arrived for choices to be made. There are only two: destruction or transformation. If your choice is transformation, the Core Grounding Exercise can be helpful in unsealing your personal Earth Star Chakra, detaching you from the Planetary Path defined by suffering, facilitating an easier transit of the Purification Process, and allowing you to more easily make the choices that lead to the healing where it already exists currently on a New Earth Path. In our experience nearly half of our clients problems disappear when they regularly do the grounding exercise listed below.

We suggest that the following Gore Grounding Exercise be done initially three times a day. Once it is mastered, shorten the exercise to suit your own needs. You may also consult the menu on this Website called “Crystal Illuminations” and concentrate on the “Earth Star Chakra Illuminations.” Each illumination aids in grounding.

We also suggest that you make a tape of this exercise in your own voice. Listening to the tape is far easier than trying to read or remember the exercise. Yes, we know, no one likes to hear the sound of his or her own voice. However, perhaps it is wise to listen to your own sound as you embrace your own healing.


The Core Grounding Exercise

1. Sit in a comfortable place with the soles of your feet on the floor.

2. Visualize a red pulsing light at the base of your spine.

3. Imagine the red light flowing down both legs, through the soles of the feet, and through the floor, the sub floor, and into the ground.

4. The red light contacts your individual or Composite Earth Star Chakra three feet beneath the ground. There it enters into a silver tube and proceeds on its journey through the various strata of the Earth until it reaches the pulsating golden sun at the core of the planet.

5. Just imagine making contact with the Planetary Core.

6. Relax. Enter Stillness. Calm your mind and remain Still for as long as possible.

7. Then as the Stillness begins to move, concentrate on your breathing.

8. When you are ready, on any out-breath visualize all of the dissonant energy in your body traveling down the tube and being absorbed by the Planetary Core. You know that in the Core the dissonant energy is transformed.

9. On any in-breath breathe up Golden Light from the Planetary Core into the silver tube, into the soles of your feet, up your legs, up your spine, throughout your body, until the Golden Light spills out of the crown of your head.

10. Visualize the Golden Light forming a bubble of Spiritual Light that surrounds your entire body in all directions and fills your body with vital physical energy, health, and Spiritual clarity.

11. If another color presents itself during this aspect of the visualization, just flow with it. Feel the flow of the energy as your physical body moves smoothly and effortlessly through the time and space of your new existence, anchoring in the space and time where you are already healed.


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