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Note from the authors of Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music

So many people who have found their way to our door suffered in childhood from abuse. Most went through the various processes of traditional therapy. For most those processes helped but did not result in permanent healing from the scars of abuse. Mary’s story and the eventual and complete healing from scars of the past are very typical of the stories of all of our clients. If you knew Mary, you would be fortunate to know one of the most loving people we have ever met. We are honored to share her story with you.

Mary: Little Mary Healed At Last

I initially started sessions with Frank and Nance for physical healing of my body. But, little did I realize then that my real journey had just begun. It was my spiritual body that was in greater need.

A friend recommended that I go to see them. I will never forget the first day I went to their office. There were crystals everywhere. I saw in the corner a large statue of the Buddha. On the walls were pictures of the Galaxy, pictures of animals, and a picture of an angel. On the shelves I saw a good many Native American artifacts, photographs of Eastern Saints, and a picture of Christ. Even though I am a Christian for some reason all of the other religions that were represented in their décor did not offend me. They made me feel very much at home immediately. And immediately I felt no matter what their religion was I was sure that God was working through them.

During that first session I felt much of what others have already described. However, I did have a problem at the first session. I was a widow at the time and I had very little money. Even the $50.00 they charged was too much for me to pay. I was hesitant to bring it up, but they did. They told me that my sessions would be without charge. I could scarcely believe that particularly when my first session was over three hours long. I told them I wanted to contribute in some way a few sessions later so they asked me if I would be willing to make some of the crystal bracelets that they sold to support the work they did. I was happy to do that and actually I found the process very therapeutic.

I always had a love of God, but I didn’t fully understand the real importance of my spirituality. The effects it had on my physical body and what a beautiful relationship I could have with God. It was all mine just for the asking, and how it would guide me to release the fears that were holding me in bondage.

With guidance from Frank and Nance I was able to become more aware of my spirituality and to develop the strength and perception it would give me to follow my creation path in this life. I had the power within to release myself from bondage and fear. It was given to all of us by Jesus when he died on the cross.

Little by little Frank and Nance would give me homework to do between our sessions. It was foremost important that I learn to meditate, relax, and focus on stillness. I was surprised that I didn’t have any problem doing these exercises. You see, I’m an active on the go person who has trouble staying still. I was amazed at the complete feeling of relaxation I could obtain from meditation. I actually found myself looking forward to and enjoying it.

As time went on and I continued to meditate I began to realize that I had a strong ability to visualize things. At first I felt uneasy and even, sometimes, afraid. Those feelings passed quickly and I looked at it as a gift to be treasured instead of feared.

As sessions with Frank and Nance continued I was still in the bondage of buried fears from the past. They worked intensely to help me. I, also, had to do my share. My next homework assignment was an exercise they called The Golden Pyramid, which can be found on this website at Creation Path Transmissions. With their permission and encouragement I changed the exercise slightly to suit myself. I visualized holding my hands, in the shape of a pyramid, on my power source. While doing this I visualized a large burning fire. As I approached the blaze and stood there gazing into the fire, I surrendered my fears into the flames. Oh, what a relief I would feel. Night after night I would return to the fire in my visualizations. Not always could I surrender my fears. Many times I would turn and walk away, but I was persistent and I kept going back. I felt free, finally, from some of my past fears. Yet, there were those fears that I couldn’t seem to release.

The time came, once again, to begin another homework assignment. I was to meditate and visualize my childhood. I discovered that most of my fears stemmed from that time of my life. I do not want to go into private details of my life but I will share that I was an abandoned and an abused child. During each Golden Pyramid visualization I burned the feelings and bad memories I felt and saw at that moment in time. Eventually the child within me, whom I called “Little Mary,” was healed. In healing my childhood, I healed. Also, in this exercise I relived some other past lives that I wasn’t aware had existed. That was quite contrary to my former beliefs, but the memories were so clear that I could not deny that I had past lives. With that came the understanding of some present childhood fears that carried over from past lives. All were absorbed into the fire to become transformed and healed energy in my life now. . I was amazed that for the first time in my life I felt completely whole. In addition to the work I did with Nance and Frank that Golden Pyramid Exercise certainly worked for me.

Sessions with Frank and Nance became more intense. My spirituality and increased awareness became more apparent in my everyday living. I was becoming more aware that God didn’t intend for me to be in bondage. He sent Jesus that I may have peace in my soul. While by this time I realized that Nance and Frank weren’t Christian in their beliefs, they certainly supported my beliefs and I know they knew Christ in their own ways. I’ll never forget Frank telling me during one of the sessions that Christ suffered and died on the cross so that we don’t have to suffer. He went on to say that to suffer in spite of Christ’s sacrifice was probably an affront to the Savior. Boy, that really got to me. That day I decided that I wouldn’t suffer any longer. That day my real work began.

I’m doing so much better today than my yesterdays I used to have. Still there’s the tomorrows yet to come. Jesus never promised us it would be easy. With the guidance and love I receive from Frank and Nance and Jesus there to walk every step with me, I’ll make it just fine.

Through my journey of life I’ve learned about the energy that stones and gems possess and the effect they have on my well-being. Like others who have told their stories on this Website, I have experienced the New Physics of Light. I’ve seen the stones glow. I have witnessed the Light sparkling everywhere. I have stood on the Portal and had a profound and life changing experience. My awareness has expanded and I have become somewhat clairvoyant. I have definitely become clairsentient. Recently I began to study Reiki with a very good teacher to enhance the abilities that I have now and didn’t have before. I even have done a Fire Walk twice and was successful both times. I even had an angel visitation for the first time in my life. I’ve always been sensitive to other people’s needs. I’m more in tune now to how really important it is that mankind works together for the good of each other and the survival of this planet.

My entire life has changed in the past three years in everyway. I am continuing the process of complete physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. My love for God and His love for me has become a large part of my consciousness and my spiritual life is now the focus of my life. Recently I married. My husband, who also sees Nance and Frank now, and I share many of the same experiences with the healing process. I am not sure how God will use me to accomplish His Plan, but everyday I practice non-judgment and unconditional love as best I can. Every day I get better at that. With my husband’s blessings I have quit my job and now devote myself to full healing and to spiritual awakening. My past is just my past. My future is in God’s hands. But today and everyday I love my fellowman and myself unconditionally as Jesus did. If we all did that, then we would all be healed and whole.

With much love,

Mary Bennet



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