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Our relationship with John was initially one of the most significant relationships we developed when our journey together began in 1998. He was the first person besides Nance with a serious life threatening illness to find his way to our door. Through him we fine-tuned the healing technique of Coherent Light Therapy we had been guided to develop. Through him we came to appreciate the power of Coherent Light. Through him we learned the lessons of patience and perseverance. We will forever be thankful for his presence in our lives. We will forever be thankful for sharing with him the Sacred Act of Seeing his healing where it already existed. It is with love, gratitude to the Divine, and appreciation of John that we offer his story.


My name is John. I am currently 54 years old. I am now a semi-retired architect. Before 1998 my life was filled with the concerns of the everyday world. I worked at my job as an architect to design, as Paul says in the book ANCIENT LANDSCAPES/DISTANT MUSIC, the spaces that people will need for the future. I found my career very gratifying. I spent the rest of my time adorning my own living space with elaborate and beautiful antiques and tasteful and expensive décor. My journey ultimately revealed to me a more Divine Architecture for living because in 1998 my life changed forever.

My story initially is about my recovery from a disease that is openly ravaging the lives of millions in Third World countries. This same disease is still much in the shadows in this country and is ravaging the lives of millions here too. I was diagnosed with HIV in the autumn of 1998. I was at first almost numb. By the time I arrived home from the doctor’s office I was very scared and felt very alone. At the time I had a number of very close friends. I realized, however, that I could not share with any of them what I had just learned. I knew that all of them would judge me and that most of them might begin to treat me differently. I knew none of them would keep the information of my illness confidential. As I thought about my condition over the next few days, I realized that there was one person in the world I could trust to keep my confidences, be totally non-judgmental, and comfort me in my time of great need. That person is a neighbor of mine and is also one of the author’s of the book, ANCIENT LANDSCAPES/DISTANT MUSIC.

Nance Erhardt had been a neighbor for over twenty years. While we were friends, she and I never hung out together. My only experiences with her were the many late night chats we shared over the years on her back porch. I liked her and I knew she liked me. I knew she is a woman of considerable spirituality, warmth, and unconditional love. I decided to go to see her because I had no one else with whom I could share my own dilemma.

I remember the evening in late November 1998 that she and I sat on her back porch. She had been getting better from the debilitating and seemingly incurable hypertension that defied her doctor’s understanding and defied traditional medical treatment. I knew her slow recovery had something to do with a holistic healing technique she was developing with a friend. I hadn’t seen her in a few months and I was so struck by how much better she looked and that she seemed to have regained her energy and vitality. I was nervous. Finally I just blurted out what I had come to tell her. I saw tears form in her eyes. She got up from her seat and put her arms around me. She didn’t ask me any questions about how I got the disease. In fact, she never has. Instead she comforted me, assured me that I could call her at any time, day or night, if I needed to talk, and she promised me confidentiality. My viral load at that time was 10,000 and my T cell count was low. My doctor had assured me that I was early in the disease process and he recommended medication. However he also said that I could wait for a few months before deciding to take it. I was to see him once a month and have blood tests every three or four months. Nance and I discussed that night the healing she had been experiencing. She described as best she could the healing technique that her friend, Frank Bennett, had been guided to develop called Coherent Light Therapy. In late December she asked my permission to discuss my situation with Frank because she felt that perhaps Coherent Light Therapy could help me as well. I eagerly gave the permission. My sessions began the first week of January 1999. At first I received what Frank called “remote healing transmissions” of Coherent Light.

At eight P.M. Saturday, January 2 1999 I was instructed to relax in a comfortable chair in my home to receive the first transmission. Frank and Nance were at Frank’s house over twenty miles away. It all seemed very strange to me but I was encouraged by Nance’s remarkable recovery and ready to give it a try. I sat in an overstuffed chair at the appointed time and tried to relax, something I didn’t do very well at the time. Almost immediately I felt so relaxed I could barely move. What Nance and Frank call “Stillness” had enveloped me. As the Stillness intensified I finally relaxed into it. Sometime later something even stranger occurred. I am not psychic in any way, but I began to feel sensations of heat and warmth that were definite. I thought I could discern some kind of light. I opened my eyes and saw before me two glowing balls of white light suspended in the air. I looked at the balls of light with some amazement. The movement intensified. So did the heat and the warmth as I watched the two balls of light merge and enter my body. I felt a kind of swirling and electric energy around my body and within it. I suppose one could say that I experienced that night the New Physics of Light that is described in Nance and Frank’s book. When the light entered my body I felt at peace. Eventually I fell asleep and slept soundly. I awakened in the morning feeling wonderful. The fatigue, the only symptom of my illness, was gone. My mind felt very clear and very focused. I readily agreed to be a volunteer for the process of healing that Frank was developing. The routine established that night continued once a week for the next five months. My blood test in March showed no change in my viral load or my T-cell count. While I wasn’t better, I certainly wasn’t worse. My doctor was pleased and we decided to continue to forego the use of medication. However, I felt much better and looked forward to meeting Frank in person.

As Nance and Frank’s remarkable book will reveal that meeting was delayed for a few months. Frank and Nance experienced a spiritual crisis in late February and March of that year. It was for them a final Purification Process. I am pleased that the commitment Frank made to me was in part the reason he returned to his Twin Soul, Nance to continue the spiritual journey they had begun together.

I met Frank for the first time in person in early May of 1999. He and Nance came to my home to continue my healing transmissions in person. By then I knew something of the Composite Soul Nature they embodied. It was obvious to me that they were the perfect yin and yang. Nance is soft, feminine, and warm. Her presence fills a room with both love and light. Frank, on the other hand, is like an unmovable mountain. He is tall, direct, and a man of few words. He carries with him the perfect Stillness. However, during the transmission of Coherent Light they switch roles. Nance becomes the Stillness and Frank is the Movement. My first “in person” session with them left me feeling even more confident that my healing already existed and that they had the ability to transmit an energetic signal to my body to awaken within me what I already possessed. We planned after that first in person session for me to have another blood test. The following week I met them at the door of my home with crystal glasses and champagne to celebrate my news. My viral load had dropped from 10,0000 to 4,000 and my T-cell count had gone slightly up. I didn’t know then that Maia, the Greek Seer who observed Nance and Frank’s journey in the swirls of a Greek coffee cup, had seen the good news, the toasting with crystal glasses, and my eventual complete healing. Eventually I met Maia, whose readings for Frank and Nance are an integral part of their book. She read my cup. In it she saw the healing for me and exactly when it would occur.

Over the next year and a half I slowly progressed without medications. However my viral load would not drop below 2000. In November 2000 at Nance and Frank’s suggestion I began to take the smallest dose of anti-viral medications and I was invited to have my healing session at Frank’s house. I knew by then all about the vortex energy that was a part of the healing transmissions they had developed. I knew about the vortex that existed close to Frank’s house. In fact, I was the first client they took to that vortex. As we approached the vortex that existed in the woods behind Frank’s house I actually saw a kind of foggy light there. Frank asked me to stand in the middle of the vortex, in the Stillness. I did. That November evening was cold, but in the vortex I felt a wonderful heat. I remained relaxed and quiet as the perfect stillness enveloped me. Eventually Frank began the Transmission of Coherent Light. When that occurred I actually felt the swirling energy of the vortex move around me. I began to move with it involuntarily. In fact I thought I might fall because I could not control the movements of my body that was synchronizing with the ever-increasing movement of the vortex. I felt Nance’s hands reassuringly touch my shoulders to steady me. I heard what I thought was a far and distant drum beat. As the session ended, the movement of the vortex stopped. I remained at its center in the stillness. I felt wonderful and almost exhilarated. Nance’s laugh broke the Stillness. She was almost gleeful. Frank was quiet. He simply said, “John, you are healed.” I felt as though I was. On the way back to the house I noticed sparkles of iridescent light all over the ground, on me, and even in Frank’s house. They had not been there before. I remember Nance saying something like they were the physical manifestations of a New Physics of Light that could be found on the Creation Path where the healing has already occurred. Frank laughed and told me not to get attached to the phenomena. “The real phenomena of the Creation Path is physical and spiritual healing,” he said.

However I experienced more phenomena and I want to tell you about one in particular. During one healing session one of the crystals that had been laid on my body disappeared. Frank said that sometimes that happened. He said I absorbed in into my aura so it could continue to do its work. He said to return it when it fell out. I know that sounds unbelievable but I didn’t question it. It just seemed right. Three months later the crystal popped out of my body and landed on my bathroom floor. Apparently its work was done! I returned the crystal to them. When Nance and Frank talk about the New Physics of Light, they aren’t waxing poetic. What I know of New Age healers makes me believe that they are something else, something leap years ahead of New Age. I’m an architect and I know a great about the use of space. I think Nance and Frank know a great deal more about the use of Time. They transmit Coherent Light from a different experience or frequency of Time, which changes the properties of matter. I think that is why they are so successful in what they do. I don’t understand what they do but I have experienced its benefits. I’d like you to experience those benefits. Therefore, I highly recommend that you read their book. It’s not an easy read, but then this journey is not an easy journey. However, if you take the time to read it, you will experience the journey we are all taking from its beginning to its wonderful end. In doing so, your own journey will be easier.

On that night at the vortex, I entered my healing where it already existed. My next blood test revealed that I was in complete remission from HIV; no viral load was detected. My T-cell count had gone slightly up. I continued my sessions with Nance and Frank. I began to attend church once again and was befriended there by a nun who also gave me inspiration and love. My life is no longer focused on the acquisition of things. My life had changed and had become full and wonderful. While I still am an architect, my life is focused on matters more of the spiritual than the mundane.

I continued to progress and slowly Nance and Frank saw me less frequently. I continued to do my grounding and my meditations and I saw them every few months for reinforcement. However about six months ago I began to neglect my own spiritual work. Three months ago my viral load was once again detectable. Nance and Frank did a remote Transmission for me and then they saw me at their office. I’m pleased to say that my viral load is once again undetectable and my T-cell count is normal. I won’t neglect my own spiritual work again. Thankfully, three years after first seeing Nance and Frank I remain in complete remission from HIV, but more importantly I am finally in remission from the disease of spiritual atrophy. I finally see my body and my soul already healed and I am committed to doing the work to remain in that place. That is really all that Frank and Nance transmit. Theirs is the Sacred Act of Seeing that awakened that sight in me.

I was the first person, but not the last, who found healing from both physical and spiritual illness with Nance and Frank. Today I count them among my closest of friends. Through them, I found the architecture of healing. Through them I entered the mansion that Christ had prepared for me. That mansion does not contain expensive furniture nor does it have an elaborate décor. That mansion contains my healing where it has always existed. It contains the healing for all of us.

With great love,

John Wyston
October 2003


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