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Jacob was referred to us in the winter of 2001. During our first meeting with him, we both saw the Light around him already. We were not surprised that his healing progressed so rapidly both physically and spiritually. Jacob is a wise and loving man. He is one of the most honest people we have ever met. He is endearing and he has a special place in our hearts. We love him very much. After reading his story, you’ll understand why loving him is a very easy thing to do. We are very grateful that he found his way to our door. He has enriched our lives as much as we enriched his. We are honored to share the experience of the Human Journey with such a wise and humble soul. Our map to the end of the cycle is a nine step pyramid; Jacob’s is a stairway. We know his story will illuminate the place where we are all healed.


When I was twelve years old I saw the physical Christ. I was walking up the stairs in my home. I looked to the top of the stairs and there He stood. He was flesh and blood. His arms were outstretched. A glorious white light surrounded him. He was offering me perfect love and absolute peace. I knew it didn’t matter to Him that I was gay, something I already knew at twelve. I knew He loved me and had not come to condemn me. The experience overwhelmed me. I fainted and fell to the bottom of the stairs. After that I prepared myself each time I walked up the stairs so that I would be ready to see Christ again. I wanted to see him again, but I never did. What occurred when I was twelve was not a vision. It was a visitation. That event planted a seed in my life that would not flower for nearly forty years.

I’ve always been very sensitive. When I was born some fifty plus years ago I had what some might call a highly developed sense of intuition. I have always had a sense of “something” but wasn’t quite sure of what “it” was. Over the years, as my life developed, I began to “sense” things happening. Those close to my heart could never really “bs” me. I always seemed to know when something was up. I pushed those feelings or sensations away; I didn’t want to deal with them because I didn’t understand them, and they frightened me.

As my life continued, those sensations elevated or manifested in various forms. I would have “flashes” that would instantly tell me if something was right or wrong. But the flashes were simply that; “flashes” that I didn’t have enough time to grasp, and I didn’t have enough time to use them to make a decision.

In 1990 I met a young man. When I shook his hand, that sensation told me “be careful; - this man will bring AIDS to your door.” Wow…that feeling or sensation went through me so quickly I didn’t know what happened. About 6 months later, I discovered I was infected with the HIV virus. I resigned myself to the fact that since I had the disease, my partner (that fine young gentleman that I met in 1990) must also have it, and I had probably infected him. My life was in ruins, and I turned to the Holy Spirit for guidance. My clairvoyance then increased. My mind was full of visions and intentions that I simply could not deal with; so again, I pushed them away, always doubting myself. Then it happened…I discovered that my partner had indeed infected me with this deadly virus. I was far from being angry. Quite the contrary, I was so relieved that I was not the one to infect him (“thank you, Dear God”). I also remembered the internal warning the night I first met him. Now I was ready to listen to my inner self. Was it too late?

Being diagnosed with HIV really was the impetus that began my spiritual journey. As I studied and read about how to cope with the disease I discovered that I was a person worth saving. My faith heightened. I realized that God would not have permitted me to infect someone, but I had to be infected to bring me to the place where I was headed. Where was that? A place of light, understanding, and love. I won’t go into the details of my relationship, but I will tell you that, after almost 10 years of trying to cope with this diseased relationship, I ended it. I let go of the fight, opened up my heart, and let go of the past. Forgiving filled my world with light. I moved on with my life by ending the relationship with my partner.

That was in 1996. I now live alone, have many friends, and am actively involved in the medical field. My HIV positive status opened an avenue for me that I never thought would have been possible. I began to take medication as soon as my illness was diagnosed. The medication kept my disease in check but I did not go into remission. During the course of my treatment for HIV I sought out a chiropractor and nutritionist for help. The good doctor is much more than a chiropractor and nutritionist. He is the most knowledgeable man I have ever met and he helped me immensely. However he knew I needed more. He suggested that I seek the assistance of two metaphysical practitioners. He told me that their work had enabled others who suffered from terrible diseases to go into remission or be cured. I believed at the time that there was no “cure” for HIV but there is viral suppression and thus remission. That was what I sought. The nutritionist highly recommended Nance and Frank. I listened to my inner voice and called them.

When I walked into Nance and Frank’s office I felt I had been there before, and I belonged there. More importantly, I felt they loved me, and I instantly liked them. At one point during that first session Nance looked at me and stated, “You know you are not here just to go into remission from your virus, don’t you?” I don’t know why I said “yes” but I did. She was correct. I was directed to them for a different reason. With the help of modern medicines that I had been taking for years and Nance and Frank, who transmitted my healing and awakened it in me, my viral load dropped finally. I remain in remission to this day. My goal now is to do so without medication. Working with my doctor and Nance and Frank I expect to reach that goal.

Going to see Nance and Frank changed my life in more ways than providing my physical healing. My spiritual healing began almost immediately after I met them. I did the grounding and meditation exercises they gave me for “homework.” My intuition quickly became a kind of clairvoyance. I was no longer afraid of the expanded awareness. In fact, I embraced it. Every session with Frank and Nance was an experience of healing and unconditional love. Ok---I admit that after such incredible healing experiences in Frank’s office I expected to be the perfect person, all so loving, forgiving and kind. That didn’t happen to me. Not right away. What did happen to me initially is that I finally realized that I had imperfections. I had guilt; I had shame. I came out of denial to open myself to the Light. I began with their help to heal from guilt and from emotional suffering. Life is difficult being Catholic and being gay infected with HIV, I progressed quickly and shed years, maybe even lifetimes, of burdens. Most importantly, I began to experience the feeling of being humble. Such a great feeling if you directly connect to it! I began to experience that aspect of humility. I began to experience the healing from the shame and the guilt. I began to embrace my healing and I began to have tremendous gratitude for God’s grace in my life and for Nance and Frank’s help.

About six months after I began to see Nance and Frank I was invited to an Activation Ceremony at the Maya Yuga Portal during the summer of 2002. I had read their book by then, which is called ANCIENT LANDSCAPES/DISTANT MUSIC. In fact I experienced seeing pure white light emanating from the pages of the book. I knew from my reading of that book something about the Portal, but I can’t say I understood it at all. The understanding is in the experience. It was a hot, silent summer day when I arrived for the Activation. The air was still, the mood was serene. I wasn’t apprehensive. I was curious, but I knew in my soul why I was there. There was meditation. There was peace. There was stillness, and most importantly, there was love. Finally, it was my turn to stand in the stillness of the Portal. What I felt I will keep to myself because the layers of the experience continue to reveal themselves to me constantly. I will say that I felt Nothing, but it was a Nothing I had never felt before. The nothing was chock full of something wonderful. I eventually came to think that my experience on the Portal was one of the most sacred and holy in my life. I was changed. I was changed in a way that I knew I could go back to my old ways and my old self. Over the next few days I realized that it was time for me to go out and do what I was put on this earth to do. I knew I could help people. I knew I had developed the ability to transmit healing light through my hands. I knew it was time to get really serious about my soul and my life’s work. Later, I told Nance and Frank that I couldn’t describe what I felt while standing on that ancient stone, the Maha Yuga Portal, but I very strongly felt the need of others wanting my help. Nance says I’m a pioneer of what they call “the Galactic Creation Path.” I think she is correct. I know I’ve been here before; this is not my first time around. However, I can say now that this is my last. I must get it right this time. I came here to climb the steps to the very top that represents my spiritual evolution. I came to do so without fainting or falling down to the bottom of the steps again. Nance and Frank are helping me find my mission and myself.

A week after my activation at the Portal I quit the job I had that gave me so little spiritual satisfaction, I had a little money and I wasn’t afraid. Nance and Frank mirrored for me through their lives that if one does what is needed to hold the higher path somehow the Universe will take care of you. They always yielded to the higher path and while they weren’t in any way rich somehow they always got what they needed to pay their bills. I knew my decision was the right one. They continued to see me with no mention of fees. I appreciated very much their kindness and generosity. However, I insisted on contributing something so I painted a room for Nance and took care of her garden. That work gave me time to spend with her which further enabled me to continue to move forward. Within a few months doors opened for me. I found a job working with Emergency Medical Services and I am also now the Medical Assistant for a renowned HIV specialist. We both believe that Western Medicine coupled with Homeopathic Medicine or other Alternate Healing Methods is the route to follow. As I had said, I am living proof of that. I am developing my own abilities to transmit healing light. Perhaps in a year or so I will be working with Nance and Frank. Stranger and more wonderful things have already happened for me.

The days are much shorter now, time is speeding up for me, and issues seem to be clearer to me. I know I have much more to learn and many more people to help. I continue to wonder exactly how my path will unfold. Nance and Frank advise wisely to do my work purely and without ego and not think about it too much. They say the highest path already exists; I simply need to yield to be on it. Everyday that is my intent. I want to exist with a pure heart and pure intent like Nance and Frank. Apparently I am making progress. People treat me differently and compliment me. They find me to be loving and compassionate. Strangers ask me for help and I am able to give it. I don’t think we really realize the impact we have on each other’s lives. I am trying to practice non-judgment, which is really hard. I am trying to be loving and compassionate, which for me is easier each day. Sometime I get lazy and sometimes don’t I want to push on, but something from deep within me moves me. A stability, a motivation, a loving powerful force that directs me to the places and to the people who are there to share my journey with me. Since my visit to the Portal last summer, my life has been changing forcefully and precisely. They say a minute to God is like a thousand years to us…I fully understand that now. You see, my progress seems slow and very fast at the same time. It’s like that vortex energy that I have come to understand that Frank and Nance utilize in their healing work. I’ve always felt that if I could just lay my hands on you, I could help you - but I didn’t know what it was all about. I’m learning that now.

My journey with Nance and Frank has been illuminating to me. My passion to exist where my healing already has occurred continues and something inside my very soul says that I must move on, perhaps not in leaps and bounds, but move on. That last sentence just let’s you know that I really want to slow down my progress! That is not an uncommon response once your life begins to move at warp speed. What I’ve learned from experience is that once committed, progress occurs at its own speed and in its own time. I’ll just have to flow with it. I know I have the help I need to do so. I also know that I’m finally on the correct path, the path of light and love. I jumped tracks from the destructive to the living path with the help of two wonderful people who are now my friends and a part of my family.

About five months ago I realized something. I realized that I was not suffering any longer and I realized that I was not going to die from Aids. That realization shook me to the core because at the same time I had very strong feelings that I really didn’t want to remain here and watch others suffer. I believe we are in the End Times and that the Times of Tribulation have arrived. I know that I am fine but I’m not sure about everyone else. Eventually I understood something important. I'm here for the long haul to do my work and to help others. I prayed for guidance to help me in this task.

Guidance came from deep within my soul. Something incredible happened to me. I stopped saying the rosary and the ritual prayers of my faith. I wasn’t getting anything from those activities. Instead I began to simply call out the name of Christ. Immediately I felt His loving presence. For me simply voicing his name is all the religion I need. It’s pure and unadulterated. For me, His is so powerfully with me. He stands at the top of the stairs where I am fully healed. I know in reality I stand there with Him, but I just haven’t fully awakened to that reality yet. Until I do, He is also by my side helping me to climb the stairs where I exist already. My heart is becoming so open to all of the possibilities of healing and peace for the world that I don’t worry so much anymore about the future of my fellow man. Such healing and peace is occurring for right now and I know eventually everyone will choose the healing and the Light.

One more bit of information about me. I’m fine. I don’t ever feel alone anymore; my Supreme Power is with me at all times. I can’t concretely show you that, but abstractly – it’s my Faith. I love it and I am finally happy; happy to know that I do make a difference in this world and happy that I can help my fellow man. That’s really why we are all here I think. To help one another to climb the stairway where perfect peace and love exists already. I was given proof of that when I was twelve.


Jacob Kurtlen
September 2003



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