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Note from the authors of Ancient Landscapes / Distant Music:

We met David in September 1999. He had been referred to our healing practice by our friend, Maia and was one of our first clients. When Maia made the referral we asked her not to reveal anything that she knew about him so our session with him would be a pure experience. However the evening before he arrived we received an unusual Sacred Geometric Transmission about him. Sacred Geometric Transmissions are discussed fully in our book Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music. They are the primary process through which we receive guidance and information. The transmission about David advised that we needed to be very patient with him and it announced that he represented the ordinary human being who had no previous spiritual acumen or any expanded awareness. The transmission predicted that through him we would discover the incredible capability of the most common of people to exist where the healing already has occurred. David has done exactly that. In many ways we found our work with him to be more difficult than the work we did with clients who were seriously ill with cancer or HIV. His story is truly remarkable. He has become a friend, a fellow traveler, and someone we love very much. As his story unfolds we think you will understand why we call him "our spiritual savant."


David: The Spiritual Savant

The Beginning
I am an ordinary man in my early fifties. Before 1999 I was a farmer and a mechanic. Before 1999 I could not retain anything I read let alone write in a fashion that communicated my feelings. Before 1999 I defined myself as a failure and I had not resolved the terrible pain that had resulted from my abusive childhood. Despite a great deal of counseling, I had not forgiven my father. While rarely physically abusive, his emotional abuse filled every day of my childhood. Before 1999 I was angry and full of fear. In the fall of 1999 my life began to change dramatically. Today I am a transformed man. Today the past no longer over shadows my life. However my journey to healing began long before 1999.

My journey to healing really started on January 3, 1990, when my wife of over 14 years asked me to sit down at the kitchen table. She said only a few words that changed my life. "Dave, I don't love you anymore. I'm not happy living here anymore, and I want a divorce." With those words my illusion that we had the perfect loving family that I had not had in my own childhood was shattered. With those words the pain and suffering from childhood resurfaced with a vengeance. I desperately tried to escape the suffering. My first crutch was trying to be a perfect father to my two sons of 9 and 11 years old. Four and a half years later their mom moved out of the neighborhood, and for the first time in my life I was only able to see the boys every other weekend. I felt I tried hard to be a good dad, but things happened and I felt I lost my sons. I felt lost, unloved, and all alone in the world. For a long time I suffered in silence and put on a good face. When my life became intolerable I went to self-hypnosis and meditation classes.

I became very interested in hypnosis and took all the courses I could find to learn more. I also joined the Hypnosis Society and was a regular member. I can't really say that I understood the process of hypnosis or was able to successfully practice it or meditation, but during this time I met Maia, who later became my teacher and then my counselor. Maia tried to get me to understand that my divorce was only a small part of my problem. She tried to get me to confront the abuse in my childhood. She tried in everyway she could to assist me to heal. Like the other counselors and pastors I had seen in my life, I talked Maia's leg off. Looking back, I don't know how she remained so patient and loving. She was the first person in my life, who loved me unconditionally. I recognize now what I could not recognize then. I drained nearly everyone who tried to help me. I had no positive energy of my own and while my goal in life was to be healthy, happy, and successful in everything I decided to do, I talked incessantly about my problems and rarely listened to anything that was provided to me that could be a solution. For years Maia was my sounding board and the only person I really trusted. When she moved to Florida we had to stop counseling. I felt abandoned. I'm sure she felt relieved, but she kept in touch with me and we become very close friends. At Maia's suggestion I went to a number of other qualified counselors, but I never found anyone as good as her. I'm afraid I drained all of them quickly and in their own gentle ways they all discharged me as a patient. One day in the late summer of 1999 when I was talking to Maia on the telephone she told me about Nance and Frank. I had already heard a great deal about Nance because she had been Maia's teacher. Based only on Maia's advice, I decided to go see them.

A Convergent Point
I remember the first day I went to their office. I was a bit nervous and frankly I felt that they would probably gently discharge me as other therapists had. I would feel abandoned once again. I wondered if I had made a mistake by even coming to see them. I thought about leaving before they came out to see me. While I was waiting something strange happened. A woman approached me in the lobby and gave me a pamphlet. I don't remember what it was about I only remembered that on its cover was a dove. You see, for me doves are important. Whenever I see a dove, I know that it is a communication from God that I am on the right track. I smiled and felt a little more comfortable. I decided to stay.
That first meeting with Nance and Frank lasted over three hours. Nance made me feel comfortable right away. There is something about her that makes one feel welcomed and important. Frank, on the other hand, seemed mysterious to me. They let me just talk and talk and I noticed that they really listened to everything I said. I noticed all of the crystals in their office. I didn't really listen at all to them when they explained how the crystals were used. Eventually Nance said, "O.K. are you ready for the healing?" I just wanted to talk some more, but she gently led me to the table and I laid down on it. "Don't be afraid. This won't hurt a bit. Just close your eyes and relax," she said. I did. I don't know what Frank does with those crystals! I still don't understand, but what he does works. That very first day I experienced something I can't describe. It was good, that's all I can say. When the session was finished I had a massage. I liked that very much. When I got off of the table I noticed that some of the crystals were actually glowing. I didn't say anything about what I saw. Something within me just thought that it's supposed to be that way. I agreed to return in three weeks and promised to do the grounding exercise they gave me to do. As I left their building I saw three mourning doves in the yard. I smiled again. Much later Nance and Frank talked to me about Power Animals. I really didn't listen, but my power animal, the dove, was there from the beginning. Almost every time I saw them, I also saw doves. Each visit was much like the first. I talked a lot, they listened, and then I got on the table. I was afraid to fully trust them. Early on they asked to record my dreams. I rarely dreamed and when I did they were screwy. However, my dreams changed. I wrote page after page of dreams that had beginnings, middles, and ends. I wrote page after page and each session I gave twenty to thirty pages of dreams to them. I was sure they wouldn't really read them so the first time I gave them my dreams I wrote in the middle of page 14 "If you are really reading this, say the word 'Heidi' to me the next time you see me." You see even though I didn't do my assigned meditations and grounding often, I did make contact with a spiritual guide whom I called "Heidi." The next session began with Nance saying to me. "Before we begin I need to say something to you: Heidi." Then she laughed. I was a little embarrassed at my trick and a little more amazed that they had read my dreams. In fact we discussed quite a few of them in detail during that session. Both Nance and Frank were amazed at the content and clarity of my dreams. In truth, so was I. I certainly had never had dreams like those before! I should mention that I wasn't embarrassed enough by my lack of trust because over the next six months I occasionally included the same trick in stack of dreams. Of course, they always knew because they always read them. I still record my dreams every night and give them to Nance, and they are still helping me to get closer to my lifetime goal.

It took some time but they gained my respect; and even though I did not understand everything they did, I knew they were helping me. They encouraged me to meditate and to do a Core Grounding Exercise daily. I didn't, but when I did what had been accomplished in the healing sessions with Nance and Frank lasted longer. I eventually contacted a second spiritual guide whom I called "Tony." It made me feel a lot nicer to know I am protected and never totally alone. My guides communicated often with me in meditation and dreams and they even give me advice when I ask for it. All of their advice was good and added to my healing.

The Crystals and Creation Path
Part of the energy work Nance and Frank do is with crystals, and even though I don't understand the energy, it has helped me a lot. Except for seeing the stones and crystals of their table glow, I didn't think much about crystals. They gave me a small pouch with seven crystals for each chakra and asked me to carry the pouch in my pocket. Every night I looked at my seven crystals and in a very short period of time something strange happened. Some of the crystals got very dark and others got very light. Some even began to change shape. I was amazed. When I showed them to Nance and Frank, they both smiled. Nance said those crystals that darkened had done so because they absorbed incriptions. She explained what she meant by that but I didn't understand. I just knew it was a good thing. Nance said those crystals that became lighter did so because they were giving me energies. That made sense in strange way. Frank said that crystals were changing shape to teach a lesson. He said if a hard crystal can change its shape, then I could change too in the ways I needed to change in order to exist where I was healed. Shortly after this, I started to notice crystals when I was outside at my farm or at my job. When I saw a different looking stone I would pick it up and show it to Nance and Frank. She would always look very surprised and ask me where I got the stones. I started to find stones, crystals, fossils, and minerals everywhere I went, and I began to take them to Nance and Frank by the bags full.

I found rose quartz, a lot of moldavite (a green glass meteorite), obsidian, malachite, pyrite, and quartz crystals. I found fossils everywhere. One day when I got out of my truck at work I looked on the ground and found 5 clear marbles. I took them along when I went to see Nance and Frank just as a joke, and when I showed them I said, "Look, I found my marbles." Nance was very excited and told me they were quartz crystal balls and said it would be wonderful if I could find 2 more. I did find 7 altogether and then Nance told me it would be wonderful if I would find 12. I have to admit I started to catch myself looking for them, but I never found any when I was looking for them or even thinking of them. Except for the little crystal balls, I gave my finds to Nance and Frank to use in their sessions with others. Some they kept and others they gave to other clients. They told me that they had found the crystals they used in the same way and that they believed that the crystals represented a physically different Earth landscape than the one most people walk. They called that landscape "The Galactic Creation Path" and said that on it my healing already existed. I didn't quite understand that but I knew I was healing.

Release from suffering
One day in my meditation after a very productive session with Nance and Frank I started to talk to my father, who had died a few years earlier. I told him I wished our relationship could have been different. When I was a boy growing up my father was a dairy farmer, and I was treated more like a hired hand than a son. I grew up very afraid of my Dad and never felt loved. Every day he criticized and berated me. In my meditation that day I asked my Dad if he loved me, and if he really did, to help me find 12 quartz crystal balls. It took about 2 more months for me to find them, but I did find 12 of them. Even though I found them in different places, every one of the crystal balls was exactly the same size. The last one was clean and unscratched, and was a perfect crystal ball. That proved to me that my Dad really did love me even though he never treated me with love when he was alive. I began to forgive my father and love him, too.
It took about a year and a lot of hard work, mostly I must admit on Nance and Frank's part until I experienced long periods of time without feeling either fear or anger. But eventually one or the other came back although never as bad as before. Nance and Frank were patient with me and yet in no uncertain terms told me that for me to remain anchored where I was healed I needed to do my own work daily. They said they merely transmitted to me energetically a signal to awaken that healed place in me. I had to do the work to keep that healed place alive and in my everyday life. I didn't like to do my work. I don't know if I was lazy or just afraid to remain healed. Probably it was a little both. My guardians intervened and provided me with what I needed to really wake up and forever let go of both my fear and my anger. In the spring of 2001 I was driving a very large crane. The crane malfunctioned and began to careen down a steep hill. I was in the operator's seat at least twenty feet off the ground. I was petrified and then suddenly I became very calm. I heard a voice. Whether it was an inner voice or that of my spiritual guide Tony, I'm not sure. The voice said for me to jump. Logically that was a very stupid thing to do given how fast the crane was moving and how high I was from the ground. I didn't hesitate. I jumped. The crane turned over at the bottom of the hill and smashed into the ground. I'm sure had I still been in it I would have been seriously injured. I think I might have died. Now here's the strange thing. I got up. I had no broken bones, no scratches, and no bruises at all. Now here's the even stranger thing: my fear and my anger were gone. They were gone. I began to do my meditations and my grounding. I began to take my spiritual work seriously and after the next time I went to Nance and Frank except for telling them what had happened I didn't have a need to talk incessantly. I got on the table and got prepared to receive the transmission from them that awakens in me my own healing. Never again did I have the need when I saw them to begin by saying "I'll make a long story short" and then talk incessantly.

The Portal and a Miracle
My fear and anger remained gone but a new fear arose, the fear of commitment. I got a girlfriend and I told her about Nance and Frank and suggested that she go along to meet them. Nance and Frank really liked Barb, and Barb liked them also. They offered to help Barb with some of her physical problems and later on realized Barb has many talents, some of which she didn't even know she had.

As time moved on, Barb and I spent many hours together and we both really liked one another. Barb fell in love, but I was too scared to allow myself to love. Not only did I not want to go through the pain of another divorce, but I discovered I had no idea how to love. Barb had to teach me to accept love with the help of Nance and Frank. After a period of time I started to feel Barb's love, but it scared me so much I would run from it. Barb had a lot of patience with me and kept doing what she could to teach me to accept her love and learn to love myself. When I would feel love, it was so new to me it would scare me and I had to run. After time I was able to accept Barb's love, but it took a lot of time for me to learn to love her.

Time went on, and Barb started to talk about getting married. At first even the thought of marriage scared me almost to death. With the help of Nance and Frank I had healed from my childhood fears and abuse. I had started to talk to God in my meditations and asked for help to overcome this new fear. Nance and Frank helped me immensely, too. I started to love Barb, slowly at first, and found out that it was okay to love and be loved. I started to admit to myself maybe it would be a good thing to get married, but I would always end up talking myself out of it. I finally asked God for help. I told him that the only way I would get married is if He would give me a sign somehow. Time went on and on with no sign, so I figured I was not supposed to ever get married. On the first day of summer in 2002 I was invited to an Activation Ceremony at Frank's house. The Maha Yuga Portal mentioned in their book Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music is close by. By then I had read their book; by then I could read a book for the first time in my life and retain what I had read. (By the way, I'm the Butler Country farmer in their book.) I had talked to Maia about her experiences with the Portal and I believed the fantastic things she said. Since I had by then experienced some rather fantastic things myself, I believed Nance and Frank's story of the Portal and how it appeared. I knew that Maia, Nance, and Frank felt the Portal was a holy place and I have to admit I was feeling a little excited when I got to Frank's house. Barb went with me and we joined about thirty other people in serious meditation. When it came my time to go to the Portal, Nance took my hand and she and Frank walked me to its location. They gave no elaborate directions. They simply said that I was to stand on the large flat stone and just yield to further healing. I stood on the mysterious stone. I can't describe what I felt. I have no words for it. It wasn't a good feeling or a bad feeling. It was a new feeling, one I had never had before. Suddenly I had to pee. My need to urinate would not go away. I had never had to pee so bad in my life. I didn't want to pee on a holy stone so I went into the woods to relieve myself. Afterwards I felt so much better in more ways than would be obvious. I walked back to Frank's yard and sat down to meditate. I could feel that I was different but I couldn't describe the difference. Barb's experience was powerful too and very personal so we really didn't talk much on the way home.

The next day something incredible happened. I am a mechanic at work. While I was doing some repairs one of my fellow workers, Jim, came over to me and asked me if I knew anyone who could use a toolbox full of machinist tools. Jim said his father was getting rid of a lot of stuff and the box of tools had to go. I told Jim to bring the tools in and maybe I would be interested in them. Jim brought the big toolbox full of tools and opened the box with a key to show me what was inside. There were 5 of us standing around the toolbox and as I started to open the drawers we all got to see what was inside. In the first drawer that I opened I noticed right away a man's wedding ring. As I looked at the other tools in the drawer, no one else said a word about the ring. I was going to say, "Boy, there is a little of everything in this box. There is even a wedding ring in case I want to get married." but for some reason I decided not to say anything about the ring. I told Jim I would take the toolbox home and look inside it and then let him know if I wanted it. I got home that night and was in a hurry to go to Nance and Frank's because both Barb and I had an appointment with them that night. After getting cleaned up I jumped in the truck and started to back out of my driveway. Then I thought of the ring and decided to get it and take it along to show Nance and Frank. I told them the story and showed them the ring. Nance smiled and Frank said, "Well, David do you think that God needs to speak any louder to you?" At that time they did not know I had asked God for a sign, and only then did I realize it really was God's sign. I tried the ring on and it was exactly the right size. After looking at the ring closely, I saw that it was in perfect condition. It looked like it was never worn. I finally had the courage to ask Barb right then to marry me, and I told Nance and Frank I wanted to do it with both of them present because they both worked so hard to help me to get to this point. Nance then asked Frank to hand her the box of rings she had in the room. The large black box of rings had a number of rings in it, and Nance said she never wore this one ring, a beautiful sapphire with diamonds that she had won a number of years before at a dinner. She thought for a little while and then took the ring out of the box. She handed it me and said "Give this ring to Barb when you ask her to marry you. If she doesn't like it, just give it back."

It took all the courage I had - and then some - to ask Barb to marry me, but with the help of Nance, Frank, Barb, and most of all, God, I did it. Barb loved the ring and she kept it with Nance's blessing. Barb and I got married on May 17, 2003. We were both hoping for a nice sunny day. With Nance and Frank there our day was more than just bright and sunny. We went on our honeymoon to Cancun and climbed the Mayan Step Pyramid that features so prominently in Nance and Frank's book. They loved the pictures we brought back of the place that was so important to them.
As you probably have already figured out, a number of years have passed since I started my recovery or journey, but today life is a lot nicer because of the many things I have learned. I exist where I am healed from my wounds. I know that God loves me; I know that Barb loves me and I can love her. I know that I am not a failure. I'm an ordinary human being who has experienced an extraordinary journey. I don't see Nance and Frank as often as I used to. I have to do my own work. It's not always easy but I know that they are there for me when I need some help. I do not feel abandoned or alone. In fact I feel as if I am a part of something greater than myself. I feel what Frank calls the Divine Music that is calling me to completion. I feel as though I live in a different Earth than the one in which I lived before. I certainly am living a different life. I feel like I am on a journey with millions of others. Maybe all of mankind. I think the destination of the entire journey is close While I still find crystals occasionally I don't find them as often as I once did. Frank said that he thinks that is because I'm making my way to the experience of a path that is even higher than the Galactic Creation Path. He calls the higher path the Universal Path. On that path he says something more wonderful and more permanent than crystals can be found. I can't wait to find out what it is. Perhaps my dream provided below is a clue. Frank says it is. I had this dream in February of 2003 right before the New Gulf War. In March I shared this dream with all who attended another Activation Ceremony, this time at Nance's house. Everyone was amazed at the dream and touched by it. For me it was like my other dreams. I don't quite understand them but I know they are important. I share it with you because Nance and Frank have asked me to. They have called it a dream of initiation. Dream of Initiation into the Light of Universal Path.

An Initiation Dream
I was in a large arena with thousands of other people. I didn't know most of them but I thought we had come to be entertained. I was with a smaller group. The speaker and leader of our group began to talk. He said we were going to take a journey and we were to follow him. He said it was important not to lose sight of him. For some reason I thought he might be a spiritual guide. He started to walk very slowly but somehow I lost sight of him and started to panic. I looked around and I didn't recognize anyone from my group. I tried to hurry through a maze of hallways to find him or someone from my group but I just got more lost. I was scared. I tried to find shortcuts trying to find him but I got even more lost and even more scared. I pushed my way through a crowd of threatening people and entered a room to find safety. As I looked around the bare room I realized that the room was getting smaller and smaller. I realized if I didn't get out I would be crushed because all the walls, the ceiling, and the floor were collapsing and the room was getting even smaller. I couldn't find any doors or windows from which to escape. I was sure I was going to be killed. Suddenly I noticed a very small opening in one of the walls. It was very tiny but I knew that I could magically squeeze through it if I wanted it enough. I wanted it enough. I squeezed through the crack and found myself back in the arena in my seat once again. My heart was pounding and sweat was pouring off of me. My group was with me and all of them were sweating, too. The leader began to talk to all of us. He said we had all just experienced being lost, scared, and confused. He said we had experienced the human condition as it had been for a long time. He said that our suffering and our experience was an illusion. He said what had just occurred was not real but had been done by lights and special effects like in a movie. He said that in fact we never left our seats. I thought to myself, what crap! I knew what I just experienced had been real. I didn't believe him and neither did anyone else. So he said again that we were going to take a journey. He said to follow him and that it was important not to lose sight of him. I was ready this time and made certain that I kept him in my sights, but suddenly I lost sight of him and the entire experience occurred over again as it had before. And as before, I squeezed through the crack and found myself back in my seat in the arena. The leader looked at all of us and laughed. He said "Does anyone want to do it again or are you ready to believe that it was all an illusion. None of you ever left your seats." Suddenly someone in my group started to laugh, and then another did. I laughed too. I got it. I had never left my seat. I woke up feeling Light all around me.

David Wilbert
August 2003

P.S.To be truthful I know I haven't really gotten it, but I know a wiser part of myself already has. I expect the rest of me will catch up in time and that I will fully understand this dream and why it has such a profound effect on others who have heard it. Nance and Frank have assured me that I will. I expect everyone will catch up in time.





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