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Note from Frank,
one of the authors of Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music

The following story told in third person but written by Amantha and Charles represents one of the small but important miracles that occur everyday on the higher aspects of the Galactic Creation Path that anchored on Earth on January 4, 1999. Nance has known Charles for over thirty years. He has been her friend, her soul mate, and a member of her family for all of that time. He was one of the few people with whom we shared the experiences of our spiritual journey as it began to unfold in 1998. I found his intelligence, sensitivity, and genuine yearning for his own experience of the New Physics of Light we were experiencing to be heart-warming. As is described in our book, Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music, Charles was present on New Year’s Eve of 2000 and then witnessed with all of those present one of the aspects of the Light that has arrived. On that night Nance and I had finished arranging the grid pattern of the first physical landscapes of crystals, minerals, and fossils mentioned in our book. That Rainbow Bridge was indeed beautiful and became a useful and important tool in our healing practice. As midnight arrived and most of the world was celebrating the beginning of the New Millennium, Nance’s husband Paul took a picture of the landscape. It was he who noticed that the stones flashed back. We turned out the lights and all witnessed what only Nance had seen previously as a clairvoyant. We witnessed the entire landscape of crystals glowing. I remember how pleased Charles was for that was his first experience of the New Physics of Light. He has experienced many more since that night.

Nance and I met Amantha the previous fall when we moved into our new office. We liked her immediately. We knew instinctively that she was an important person in our future; we didn’t know in what way. She was then and continues to be a remarkable human being. She is our soul mate and a member of our ever-increasing Soul family.

Their story is a microcosm of the macrocosm. Most humans long for what we call a Twin Soul relationship and we believe that most humans will enter into such relationships before 2012. We are honored to have been instrumental in illuminating the space where Amantha and Charles’ Twin soul relationship already existed. They are as they say, living happily ever after, but in ways neither ever expected. Charles has become an accomplished clairsentient and both Amantha and Charles have developed consider abilities in transmitting healing light. Theirs was the first wedding of a Twin Soul at which we officiated. Since their wedding we have officiated a second marriage of Twin Souls, attended a third, described in David’s story, and early in 2005 we will officiate at a fourth. Since the publication of the first edition of our book we have received letters from many others who have found their perfect partner. While most have married, several like us exist in Composite Soul relationships that are purely of the spiritual. The way in which the Twin Soul relationship is experienced depends on the Work the couple had come to Earth to do at this most important Time of our Times. We offer Amantha and Charles’ story to those of you who have given up hope of finding your equal and opposite perfect partner. Their fairy tale is a true story with a real happy ending.


Charles was a successful professional who, though he had always longed to find a life partner, had never succeeded. He had been involved in several relationships in his 50+ years; some okay, some even long lasting, none really right. Although he still believed that there was the perfect woman for him out there somewhere, he had also come to accept that he might not find her.

Amantha had been left devastated and drained by her husband’s illness and death from cancer. Only with the passage of a great deal of time, the unwavering support of her family and her unshakeable belief that the universe was ultimately good was she able to bring herself to once again look to the future.

Charles had known Nance for many years. She and Frank had started working with him to relieve his allergies and pains in his knees. They had been impressed with Charles’s ability to sense the energy emanating from the crystals and in one session he had even absorbed an amethyst. He had also been highly sensitive to the aromas that often manifested during healings. Nance had seen many women come into his life over the years and had hoped each would be “the one.” She had comforted and supported him when, one by one, each had turned out not to be. With the emergence of her connection to the universal forces around her, she found a way to help. She gave Charles a stone, energized in a vortex, with the word “LOVE” painted on it in luminous letters. She told Charles to hold the stone every day and to focus his thoughts and energy on finding his true love. She told him that the stone would grow warm and that would signify that his desire was about to be realized. She shared with him stories of others who had used similar stones and the amazing speed with which their wishes had been fulfilled. Morning and evening, Charles held the stone and concentrated. But the stone never grew warm for him. When he expressed his frustration to her, she told him not to give up and to keep working with it.

When it was time for Amantha to return to work full time, she didn’t want to return to her spiritually numbing career in retail management. She believed that the universe would provide the perfect job for her. Her belief was realized when she was offered a position as manager for a holistic healing center. It was a job that she had not known about or pursued. But when it was offered, she knew it was right. Likewise, she believed the universe would furnish the perfect mate. Her aunt kept telling her that the only way she would find someone was to dress better, use more makeup and go out searching. But, she continued to believe that if she kept her intentions clear, the universe would bring the right person to her. It was to Amantha’s center that Nance and Frank were drawn when it was time to open their office.

Nance and Amantha liked each other immediately. As Nance learned more about Amantha, her instinct saw the potential connection between her and Charles. Carefully, she made each aware of the other, telling each bits and pieces about the other’s life. Then she began relaying questions between them, letting their interest and knowledge gradually build. After a few weeks of this, the perfect opportunity for them to meet occurred. A birthday celebration for Frank was arranged at a local Italian restaurant. Nance invited Charles, Amantha and a few other friends. Charles was nervous. He had a feeling that the moment he had waited for so long was about to arrive. Still, he had decided that he was not going to do anything to make himself appear more appealing. He did not want to portray himself as anything other than he truly was. If it was going to work, then there could be no pretensions.

Amantha felt similarly nervous. Still, she was confident that the universe would provide the right direction and if a relationship was meant to be, then nothing could prevent it.

Dinner did not begin auspiciously. Charles appeared to Amantha overly serious and quiet and had the worst haircut she had ever seen on a man. Amantha appeared rather indifferent to Charles. Later, however, when they had returned to Nance’s house, Charles and Amantha sat next to each other on the couch. Both felt a tingling at the overlapping point of their auras even when their attention was not directly focused on the other. Both ended the evening wanting to see the other again.

Later the following week, Nance invited Charles to come see her and Frank’s office and also to see Amantha again. After a tour of the center, Charles and Amantha sat outside at a picnic table. It was a perfect, warm and clear spring evening. Amantha told Charles that she felt there was something “real” in their connection and invited him to come along while she did some errands followed by a casual dinner at a local café. The energy flowed between them without a ripple. At the end of the evening, both knew they had found their kindred spirit.

Amantha and Charles were married less than a year later, on the Celtic festival day of Imbolc, also known as Candlemas and Groundhog’s Day. Imbolc was the day to celebrate the coming of spring; a day of transitions and new beginnings and thus it was the perfect day to have their wedding. They also decided to have a Quaker style wedding that did not require a priest or justice-of-the-peace. It only required that they have at least two witnesses to the saying of their vows.

Nance and Frank performed the ceremony at Amantha and Charles’s house before a small group of family and friends. Amantha and Charles stood before the fireplace on a spot where Nance had previously detected an energy vortex, smaller but similar to the ones at Nance’s and Frank’s houses. Charles had set up a video recorder to chronicle the service. When they later viewed the tape, everything was clear except for one spot. Near the middle of the ceremony, there was a ritual of fire and water where Amantha and Charles lit candles and drank from a goblet of water to symbolize the joining of their spirits and energy. As this ritual commenced, the tape suddenly filled with static and went blank. It immediately returned to normal as the ritual ended. Nance believed that the recorder was simply overwhelmed by the energy flow being generated between them. When photographs of the ceremony were developed, several showed swooping patterns of light both in the house and later at the reception which was held at Amantha’s center. Nance and others felt that these were manifestations of the energy flow around Amantha and Charles.

Like the tales in the storybooks, Amantha and Charles lived happily ever after.

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