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Note from Frank,
an author of Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music

The following story is from one of the first people I worked with when I was developing Coherent Light Therapy. J.T. had been a friend and confidant of Nance's for over thirty years so their connection to one another had been long standing and important. However, to my surprise I had a connection to J.T. as well that would turn out to be just as important. While he didn't remember me very well, I remembered him. He was the best and most inspired teacher I had in High School. He taught me to appreciate and love literature. He also made all of his students write, write, and write some more. Little did I know then that my future would contain a great deal of writing. While we certainly assisted in illuminated the place where J.T. was already healed, he illuminated our future for us in uncanny ways. In fact, besides Maia, his Sacred Act of Seeing was one of the primary illuminations early in my journey with Nance. He edited and wrote the Introduction to the first version of our book. We would not have been able to finish it without him. We are honored to share his unique story with you.


It is hard to say that anyone really knows Nance. I have been acquainted with her for thirty plus years, and I can't say that I really know all about her.

When I first met Nance, I was a young English teacher in a public school in suburban Pittsburgh. I had been teaching for about three years when Nance came to work there. When I first encountered her, the department chair had told me about her briefly. He described her as a "bubbly young thing, who was a little bizarre." Naturally, I wasn't taken back too far when I finally met her, but that statement always stuck in my mind. I had worked with theater people in college and had developed a disposition toward the "left" side of the world. On her first day of work, when she first entered the office, I wasn't surprised; rather, I was somewhat pleased to see a person who looked as though she was ready to take on the establishment. And so it was, as the year progressed, whenever there was stirring in the department, Nance was somehow at the center of things. She was the first so suggest electives on psychology and the first to get involved with philosophy. Naturally, she was following her inclinations, which even then were rather strong.

There was always something magical in our relationship. Over that period of thirty years, there where times when we saw a great deal of one another and times when we rarely saw one another. For example I saw her much less often when she left teaching to pioneer a program to help "At Risk" youth. She used her unique talents to help many children in very innovative and successful ways in that job. We remained friends. But there always seemed to be something that served as a bond, a tie at the psychological and spiritual level that kept us resonating at a higher level than I had with other friends. Nance seemed to know when something was wrong, and while she never intruded, her eyes begged to have me tell what she seemed to know about my life without my telling her. I didn't know then how important her intuition and friendship was to become to me in the future.

About six years ago I was visiting New York for a conference when I was struck with an inner ear infection. I had difficulty driving back to Pittsburgh, and when I got home I was greatly relieved. However, what I thought would be a small problem became debilitating. I was barely able to teach and my life was an endless series of doctor's appointments and tests. For the first year, my recovery was virtually non-existent. I either worked or slept.

At about the same time Nance was struggling with her own very serious health problems. Her health was so poor that I drove her to work everyday. During our drives together our friendship became even stronger and I happened to mention this problem to Nance. Her health declined to the point that in 1997 she had to retire early from her job. I visited her occasionally and even brought food for Nance and her husband since she was too ill to cook. I was very worried about her. Neither doctors nor medicine did anything to ease her suffering. Sometime in late 1998 I noticed that her health was improving. I asked her about what she was doing to improve and she told me of her friend Frank. She told me that he was developing healing abilities and that she was his first "client." Remarkably each time I saw her she was better and better. In 1999 Nance suggested that perhaps Frank could also help me. Since a meeting at the moment was impossible, I gave Nance a picture of myself to give to Frank. He in turn meditated on me and transmitted what he called "Coherent Light" to me. Nance informed me of the time of the transmission, so I was prepared for it. I kept the house quiet and lay on my sofa. In about a half hour during the hour-long transmission, I felt a tingling sensation in my ear and so I got up from the sofa. I noticed immediately that my balance had improved and that there was some muting of the ringing in my ear. I called Nance and told her the good news. She informed me that Frank felt he had made a strong connection with me during the remote transmission and that he though I was a good subject because I was receptive to the Light. Since Frank was looking for volunteers who could be clients in the healing practice he planned to open in the autumn of 1999, I didn't hesitate to volunteer because I had already been told by several doctors that they couldn't do anything for me. Needless to say, I was willing to grasp at straws if necessary, but desperation soon turned to hope.

I experienced my first real in person healing session with Frank a few weeks later when he and Nance came to my home. Frank had dark eyes and dark hair; he was rather quiet at first. He seemed to be absorbing the environment and assessing me. I asked his last name again, and he told me. I started to put a few things together and made a connection that Frank was one of my students when he was in high school. I tried to remember him from his high school years, but I only had a vague remembrance of him from that time. After I made this connection, this lack of remembering became a source of puzzlement for many months. I just couldn't understand how I could have forgotten Frank. I wondered why I didn't or couldn't pick him out as a person of mystery, a person of unique talent, or a person who would play an important role in my life in the future. To this day, I have that same feeling of wonderment, and each time I talked to Frank I had the feeling that I had missed a connection somewhere.

The story of what occurred during my first session with Frank is included in Volume 11 of their book ANCIENT LANDSCAPES/DISTANT MUSIC which can be downloaded on this website so I won't repeat it here. However I do want to share what occurred during the third or fourth session with him. Already by then my balance was so much improved. During that session I was placed in a relaxed state. I remember this session vividly. I saw nothing but colorful lights in my head. There were flashes of purple and green that swirled and turned. I saw green light come up from my body and purple light come done from above and enter my body. This interplay of light took place during the whole of the session. Sometime during the session all three of us heard a very loud banging sound. I emerged from my session and felt wonderful. The ringing in my ears was gone and my balance was great. We each discussed the sound we heard, but strangely we all heard it emanating from different parts of my large living and dining room. Suddenly we all noticed a bright green stone in the middle of the living room. It was a stone identical in color to the light that I had experienced. It seemed to have just manifested out of thin air. Nance and Frank didn't seem too excited. That night they took me into their confidence and told me that they were finding crystals and stones everywhere. Frank said that the stones didn't really manifest. They already existed on an Earth Path where the healing already existed. This Earth Path, which demonstrated a different Physics of Light and had a different landscape, somehow existed simultaneously with the Earth Path that most people saw as reality. Somehow Nance and Frank and apparently I had found our ways to that Path. Later we discovered that the fist-sized stone was a piece of a green glass meteorite. This kind of stone apparently, among other things, is very good for clearly one's hearing and restoring balance.

Over the next three years in subsequent sessions, I experienced similar color visualizations. Often I actually saw the stone or crystal very clearly. Sometimes it "manifested" during the session. Sometimes what I saw would be found later that night, the next day, or within a week. Somehow in a Sacred Act of Seeing I was able to see ahead of time the next crystal they would find on what they called "The Galactic Creation Path." I know this seems very strange but it is true. In this odd way I became a clairvoyant who illuminated for them their path.

The second most vivid experience that I had during a session with them was a return to a former life. This was an experience that I had many times, always involving the same past life. In a dream-like state during the session I saw the inside of an Egyptian tomb. I was lying in state in the tomb with Egyptian priests standing around me and looking very serious. Try as I might, I could not escape the tomb, but eventually it was of little concern. I was at peace and protected in a vault that would last forever. I never really fully understood that past life memory, but it recurred many times during my sessions with Frank. Eventually that past lifetime faded away, but I think that my first connection with Frank took place during that time. However, to this day I can't quite remember how I knew him then. When I told Frank about this he laughed. He told me his Soul was no longer attached to any past lifetime and that the connection we had now is the only connection that is important. I tend to agree with him.

Often over those three years I experienced many other things with Nance and Frank that are mysteries of the New Physics of Light. Once I absorbed a crystal during my healing session. That crystal popped up over two years later in my own bedroom. I was amazed. Nance and Frank gave it to me and I still treasure it. I experienced much of the same phenomena that others have experienced at the Crown Vortex and at the Maya Yuga Portal so I won't repeat what their stories have already described. Instead let me continue my story with something that occurred that was very particular to me.

I think it was Nance who brought out in me a connection to another layer of reality that I could not experience with anyone else. For example, several years ago in 2001, a few days prior to 911, I had been in New York visiting the city and seeing some Broadway shows. I was scheduled to leave New York on September 11, but something came over me on September 9, Sunday, that caused me to rethink my plan. I remember Nance questioning me before I left on why I wanted to stay so long in New York. She hadn't said that she thought I shouldn't go, but I remember that she seemed concerned about how long I was planning to stay. That Sunday night, I began to think about what she said and started to question my own reasoning. The next day was Monday, the theaters were dark, and I had already done more shopping than I needed. So I said to myself, "I think I will go home early and do some needed work in my house." I left New York on Monday, spent the night at my niece's house in New Jersey, and left for Pittsburgh on Tuesday. On Tuesday morning, I stopped along the Pennsylvania Turnpike for coffee and saw a crowd gathered at the television. I moved closer to the television to see what was going on. At first, I thought that a building was being razed. As I moved closer, I realized that the World Trade Center was being destroyed.

A part of me was very happy that I had gotten out of New York City before the disaster and the following turmoil. But, on the other hand, a part of me wished that I had been able to see this historic event. It was about this time that I remembered my feelings about leaving the city and how Nance had, in her own way, warned me that this disaster was going to happen. On my drive home I suddenly remembered something. I had been doing the final proofreading for the first version of ANCIENT LANDSCAPES/DISTANT MUSIC during the latter weeks of August and early September. Therefore I knew their entire story to that point. I was one of perhaps a dozen people who knew that in the autumn of 2000 they had been given startling and troubling information from an even more startling source. They had been told almost a full year before September 11, 2001 that during the week of September 17, 2001 the last World War would begin and that the planet would enter the Purification Process. I knew that Nance tended to disbelieve this information. She is a strong woman but is also very sensitive to people's suffering. She was one of the first people I called when I got home the afternoon of September 11, 2001. We talked for quite some time about the terrible events of that day and about my strange premonition to live New York City early. Of course, we all know now that the following week the United States of America declared a new kind of war that still rages across the planet. The Purification Process did begin.

Interestingly, not too long after this, I had a car accident. I was not seriously injured but it did cause me to have neck problems. Nance and Frank and my chiropractor helped to return me to normal. But I often wonder if that accident was a message that I needed to slow down. I did. After the accident, I once again became more serious in doing my own spiritual work.

Our sessions continued over the next three years. With them I have experienced a new kind of existence. My experiences with them have enriched my life in ways I could have never imagined before. Our friendship continues to this day. They love me and I love them. More important I have learned to love and appreciate myself, my soul, and my connection with God.

God speed you on your own journey.



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