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The Earth Star Chakra in a physical being is hidden and located approximately three feet below the soles of the feet. The Earth Star Chakra locks the individual’s energies into a harmonious relationship with the planet and anchors the body into the time and space coordinates of the planet. The Earth Star Chakra connects us to the Earth’s Core as well as the Earth’s Electromagnetic Fields. The Earth Star Chakra forms prior to birth in the geographic location and familial circumstances required by the Soul to accomplish the lessons of mastery. It contains the memory of the Soul’s journey and of this life’s innumerable paths. It contains the memory of the One Path that is the Soul’s Highest Intent for this lifetime. The Old Age Archetype of this Chakra represented the concept that physical incarnation is a fall from grace, a repetitive and vicious karmic cycle of birth and rebirth full of suffering and loss. Because of original sin all life forms are separated from the Divine and life on Earth is “hell” restricted by the five senses and limited awareness. We are alone in the Universe and alone within ourselves. The New Light and the New Time Archetype of this Chakra represents the concept that this life is the completion of the current Planetary Cycle of karma, its limitations, and its suffering. During this lifetime the physical incarnation will begin to remember mastery, experience expanded awareness, and prepare with all life forms in the Universe for an evolutionary shift closer toward the Divine Source. Recognition of the varied other Consciousness within the Universe at large and in the various other dimensions of time and space and our connection to them is highlighted. Earth incarnation is not experienced as restrictive but as the time for expansion and transformation that will result in a heaven on Earth, a new cycle of existence, or the Golden Age of the human species. The Earth Star Chakra color vibration is dark silver or black. The field of influence that is assisting in the transmutation of the Earth Star Chakra for Earth and all Her Life forms from 1999 to 2011 is the Planetary Core.