The Crown Chakra is located at the top of the head at the crown. The Soul braids into the physical body through the Crown Chakra. This Chakra if open and clear connects to the Gateway or Ascension Chakras: the Golden Crown, the Causal Chakra, the Soul Star Chakra, and also the Stellar Gateway, a vortexing tunnel which transmits energy and information from Cosmic Intelligences and the Divine Source. The Crown Chakra is the seat of enlightenment and vibrates to the Coherent Light color rays of violet, gold, or pure white. It is ruled by the element of Pure Spirit. The Old Age Archetype of this Chakra depicted it as closed to most of humanity. Only those few, the Great Teachers, the Messiah, or the Buddha were capable of Enlightenment. The New Light and New Time Archetype of this Chakra represents the energy of initiation, which is available to all who choose to respond to the vibration of the New Light and the frequency of the New Time. No longer an exclusive Gateway, the Crown Chakra transmits energy of enlightenment throughout the Collective Consciousness. Thus enlightenment is the culmination of a process of initiation that may be completed by only a few, but will be available to all. The fields of influence that are assisting in the transmutation of the Crown Chakra for Earth and all of Her Life forms from 1999-2011 are the Planetary Portals.