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The Heart Chakra is located in the center of the chest and is connected to the secondary palm Chakras in the hands. It is the center of compassion, healing, romantic love, and unconditional love. This Chakra enables the feelings of love, as well as the feelings of pain and loss. The pain experienced at this Chakra is the energy that often forges transformation. The Heart Chakra is responsible for feelings, which are the Spiritual expression of emotions. The psychic ability of empathy occurs at the Heart Chakra. Resonating to either the Coherent Light Ray of Green or the Coherent Light Ray of Pink, the Heart Chakra is ruled by the element of ether, which is the element of air in its most Spiritualized form. The Old Age Archetype for the Heart Chakra is the lover who is possessed of either passion or jealousy in the pursuit of romantic love to accomplish a feeling of completeness. The New Light and New Time Archetype of the Heart Chakra is the Healer who recognizes the illusion of separation and the reality of wholeness in all Consciousness. The healer is motivated not by passion of the body, but rather by passion of the Spirit. Romantic love is transformed into unconditional love. This agape love is the energy that holds the duality in intricate balance and bridges not only the lower Chakras to the upper Chakras, but bridges Third Density Light Consciousness to Fourth Density Consciousness and above. At the higher frequency and vibration the Heart Chakra bestows balance, humor, and love of self and others. It is the seat of empathy and forgiveness. The wisdom of unconditional love occurs at this Chakra's higher vibration and frequency to enable the search for positive meaning and the pattern of the Soul’s journey. The Heart Chakra is also connected to the Assemblage Point, which is a small Vortex located in the right or left shoulder blade. The Assemblage Point Chakra anchors the physical body in the Grid Pattern of Time and Space Frequencies, which determine Reality. As the New Light Vibration and New Time Frequency unfold, the Assemblage Point automatically moves slightly up on the shoulder blade and may temporarily cause discomfort. The repositioned Assemblage Point Chakra anchors the body into the New Space and New Time coordinates of Fourth Density Light and above. The field of influence that is assisting in the transmutation of the Heart Chakra and the Chakras associated with the Heart Chakra for Earth and all Her Life forms from 1999-2011 is the Spiritualized element of air expressed in both Human and Planetary Heart Portals.