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The Power Chakra is traditionally located at the navel. The New Light and New Time location of this Chakra is at the solar plexus about two inches above the navel. The Power Chakra is the center of personal power and is responsible for the sense of smell and the psychic ability of gut level intuition. It resonates to the Coherent Light Ray of the color yellow. It is ruled by the element of fire. The Old Age representation of this Chakra highlighted the difficulty between the lower will and ego and the Higher Will and the Soul. Still recognizing a division between the two and a lack of abundance and power in the world, the Old Age Archetype of the Power Chakra expresses itself in the duality of the haves and the have-nots. Society is divided into the powerful and the servants of the powerful. The New Light and New Time Archetype of the Power Chakra is the Spiritual Warrior who is interested in personal empowerment for self and all others. The new archetype enables one to find the unique work that gives pleasure and makes life fulfilled. At the higher frequency and vibration the Power Chakra becomes the center of the Life Force energy. The energies of the lower will and ego yield and cooperate with the Higher Will and the Soul’s Highest Intent. The Power Chakra is the seat of vision because it connects the lower will to psychic intuition by tuning into gut level feelings that are the raw stuff of intuition. The Power Chakra monitors equal exchange of emotional energies in relationships and is always connected at its highest vibration and frequency to the Heart Chakra. Democratic and Socialist movements of the last two centuries have reflected the New Light and New Time Archetype of this Chakra. The field of influence that is assisting in the transmutation of the Power Chakra for Earth and all of Her Life forms from 1999-2011 is the element of Fire.