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The Root Chakra is located for an individual at the base of the spine and is represented by a downward pointing Vortex that connects to the Earth Star Chakra through the secondary Chakras in the soles of the feet. The Root Chakra roots our energies into physical existence and is the primary source of usable physical energy. It represents birthplace, cultural, and past life influences. It provides the foundation of all aspects of being and is the seat of self-mastery. The issues of this Chakra are of safety, security, and abundance. It is responsible for our physical senses of touch and smell and the psychic ability of clairsentience. It resonates to the Coherent Light Ray of the color red. It is ruled by the element of Earth. The Old Age Archetype of this Chakra highlighted the victimization of physical incarnation. The Kundalini energy or vital life force energy was seen to lie dormant at the base of the spine in most humans and consequently the lower Chakras were viewed as stagnant and upper Chakras closed to the Life Force and expanded awareness. Earth incarnation was an existence of isolation from the Divine and was an experience of suffering, loss, decay, and death. The vital force of the Feminine energy and all She represents including the Earth was greeted with mistrust and fear. These energies were used and exploited. The New Light and New Time Archetype of this Chakra highlights Feminine energy and the expanded awareness of the intuitive and regards the Earth as the Great Mother, a place of abundance and transforming Light. The New Light and the New Time Archetype recognizes that the Life Force is active in all Chakras and is no longer stagnant. Abundance, vitality, and connection to all Consciousness replace the Old Age energies. Both the Ecological Movement and the concept of the Earth as a Global Village reflect the New Archetype. The field of influence that is assisting in the transmutation of the Root Chakra for Earth and Her Life forms from 1999 to 2011 is the Planetary surface, the Earth’s Crust.