Transmission of the Buddhist Prophecy of the One Possessing the Ten Forces

“Now as time goes on the last of the priests will carry their robes, their bowls, and their tooth-sticks after the manner of the naked ascetics. They will take a bottle gourd, make of it a begging bowl, and carry it in their arms, or in their hands, or in the balance of a carrying-pole. And as time goes on a priest will say, ‘What is the good of this yellow robe?’ and cut a small piece of yellow cloth, and tie it around his neck, or his ears, or his hair, and devote himself to husbandry or trade and the like, and to taking care of wife and children. Then he will give gifts to the southern congregation. And the fruit of the gift, say I, will be myriad fold. As time goes on the priests will say, ‘What do we want with this?’ and they will throw away the piece of yellow cloth and persecute the wild animals and birds of the forest, and thus the disappearance of the symbols will have occurred.”

“Thereupon, the dispensation of The Supreme Buddha being now five thousand years old, the relics will begin to fail of honor and worship, and they will go wherever they can receive honor and worship. But as time goes on they will not receive honor and worship in any place. Thus, when the dispensation has disappeared, the relics will come from every place; from the serpent world, from the world of the gods, and from the Brahma-world; and having congregated together at the throne under the Great Bo-tree, they will make an effigy of the Buddha, perform a miracle to relieve suffering resembling the Twin Miracle of Fire and Water, and will teach the Doctrine. And these will cry aloud saying, ‘Divine sirs, the seventh day from now our One Possessing the Ten Forces will pass into Nirvana.’”