Transmission of Buddhist Prophecy of the Twin Miracle

Beings from 10,000 worlds gathered in a place much like the Earth, but not the Earth to
witness a miracle performed by the Buddha. Standing beneath a great and massive tree
the Great Enlightened One held the elements of Fire and Water in His hands.
The fire did not dissipate the water; the water did not douse the fire.
All in presence were in awe of this Twin Miracle
and knew that it was being performed in that time and in that place
to be manifested later sometime in Earth's future.

All knew  that at the time of the actual manifestation all suffering would cease.
Until that time each agreed to enter Earth incarnation,
and as the time approached for the Twin Miracle's Manifestation,
each would perform something like that miracle in preparation
for the Great Transformation and the relief of all suffering on Earth.