The following Crystal Illuminations represent the New Physics of Light that has already anchored on Planet Earth and has formed the Galactic Creation Path where the healing for our long-suffering planet already exists. Each Illumination is a part of one of the four grid-pattern Landscapes that we have been guided to use in our Planetary Work and the Work we have done with those in our Healing Practice. You can read about the Illuminations and the New Physics of Light in our book, Ancient Landscapes / Distant Music, which can be purchased in the permabound printed version or can be electronically downloaded on this web site in January 2005.

While we can make no specific claims for your use of the Illuminations, we can assure you that these very unusual fossils and crystals have placed many people in the place where their healing already exists. You may access some of the remarkable stories of such healings by clicking on to Tales from the Creation Path on this web site Rather than identifying the specific use of each Illumination, we believe it is better for the Illumination to choose you, so to speak. You will know which Illumination to use first to assist you in existing where you are already healed. Once identified, we suggest you spend at least five minutes a day in focused meditation with the Illumination. You may do so by either meditating on the Illumination as it is projected on your computer screen or by reproducing the Illumination on high quality photographic paper. We suggest before and after each focused meditation, you do either the “Core Grounding Exercise” or the “Tree of Life Crystal River Exercise” that can be found on this web site by clicking on to Creation Path Transmissions.” In addition, a clear and concise description of each Chakra can be found by clicking here to read Section Introductions.
The focused meditation is simple. Merely gaze at the Illumination and allow the transmission of its energy to interface with your own energy. Repeat often during the meditation “I am healed.” Allow those simple words to become your mantra and your reality.

You may, of course, use more than one of the Illuminations. We also suggest that you share this web site with others. You may also duplicate any or all of the Illuminations to give to friends without any cost. Since all of our Work is supported by donations, if you are moved to make a donation to help support our Work you may do so by either clicking on to the Donation Site to on this web site to make a credit card donation or by sending a donation to:

Crown Vortex Publications
P.O. Box 10104
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15232

Please make your check or money order payable to Crown Vortex Publications. One Hundred Percent of the donations will be used to support us in continuing the Planetary Work described in Ancient Landscapes/ Distant Music and to enable us to continue to provide our services free of cost to those who are critically ill and cannot afford to make a donation.

All Illuminations were photographed by PTS Graphics. None have been altered or computer enhanced in any way. Since the crystal illuminations are frequently updated, good computer hygiene is necessary to receive the most current version of the crystals. To be guided in accomplishing this, click here.

It is our privilege to share these Illuminations with you. We welcome any feedback, which can be done on this web site or by mailing a letter to us at the same above address. We know your healing already exists and we are certain that you will discover your healing as many others have and are doing so daily.
With Love and Light,
Nance and Frank

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