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"Choosing to read Ancient Landscapes / Distant Music is a choice for transformation."

"In these dark and desperate times I knew something wonderful was also happening. Now I know what is it. Nance and Frank's journey has placed my hopes, dreams, and faith on the Creation Path where transformation is certain."

"Like the Celestine Prophecy, Ancient Landscapes / Distant Music is a wonderful story, but much more incredible because it is true. The best and most awe-inspiring story I have read in years."

"The most intimate, honest and vulnerable account of a spiritual journey I have ever read. The author's awe-inspiring courage and purity of purpose has built a bridge for my own transformation."

"I am not a clairvoyant but I actually experienced White Light as I read Ancient Landscapes/Distant Music. This is not just a book but a pure transmission of the New Light."

"Reading Ancient Landscapes / Distant Music has changed my life. The problems that I could not resolve are being healed by just reading this remarkable work which illuminates the place where the healing already existed for me."

"Ancient Landscapes / Distant Music has touched my soul and filled me with Light. Reading this book has awakened my consciousness."

"Reminiscent of Yogananda's teachings which demonstrated that reality is not what we think it is and that physical manifestations can occur that otherwise defy conventional laws of physics, Ancient Landscapes/ Distant Music demonstrates the next step in the evolution of human consciousness."

"Ancient Landscapes / Distant Music represents through its characters all of the various archetypes of the journey of the human soul at this time in Earth's history. This book is a microcosm of the macrocosm. It is the energetic history of our collective initiation."

Ancient Landscapes / Distant Music reveals a world you never knew existed. The one all around you.”

"The authors’ journey has illuminated a path that has allowed me to reclaim an essence once presumed